Real Estate

The firm provides services such as legal advisory, preparation contracts, agreements, and perfection of titles, property developments and acquisitions for major local developers, Individuals as well as international private investors in all areas of commercial, industrial and residential real estate development and planning within and outside Lagos State.

At Hilton Top Solicitors, our lawyers have requisite knowledge and experience on all aspects of real estate transactions.

Our real estate services includes various aspects such as:

  • Leasehold and tenancy agreement
  • Advising on acquisition and sale of property
  • Search and due diligence on property
  • Property conveyancing and agreement
  • Commercial property transaction
  • Property development
  • Estates management advisory
  • Perfection and Registration of Titles
  • Recovery of Premises
  • Joint venture
  • Advising on Property finance and mortgages
  • Conducting search and due diligence on properties on behalf of clients
  • Reviewing and drafting of deeds of assignment, leases, and tenancy agreement
  • Legal advisory on management of estate including recovery of premises
  • Perfection and registration of titles at land registries
  • Advising and litigating in all property related matters.

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