Intellectual property law

Managing and protecting intellectual property has become increasingly complex for global companies, which often are confronted with large Intellectual Property portfolios and operations.

Rapid technological advancements have enabled infringers to become more sophisticated, as such developing strategies to protect these assets has become very important which is part of what we do at Hilton Top Solicitors.

We approach Intellectual Property management as a strategic issue and have developed the people, processes and technologies to serve as a one-stop shop for protecting the IP assets of global businesses.

We offer general advisory on all matters relating to regulation, Registration, Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Nigeria to our clients in respect of trademark application

We also assist inventors on necessary patent registration and advisory.

Hilton Top Solicitors’ team of Intellectual Property Lawyers are experienced in it and are committed to delivering efficient and swift services to our clients.

Our Intellectual Property Law Areas include: Copyright, Trademark and Patent application.

Our Services in this practice areas ranges from,

  • Filing and processing of Copyright, trademark and Patent applications
  • Reviewing and drafting all legal documents related to intellectual property
  • Conducting search for availability of trademark
  • Drafting of Transfer and Assignment Agreement, which enable a trademark owner to transfer the rights and ownership
  • Registering and licensing of technology transfer agreements
  • Representing clients in Copyright, Trademark and Patent related dispute and litigation.

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