Dispute Resolution



As a resuIt of the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Businesses are faced with a lot of instability and uncertainty which will in turn result in a growth in the number and types of disputes, and we have already seen judicial systems turn to adapt to the “new normal”,

What will this mean for the future of disputes? At Hilton Top Solicitors we provide solutions to our clients, bringing the above question to bear.

Our Dispute Resolution Practice, provides a broad range of legal advice and representation to all our clients.

Our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to represent our clients’ interests at all time, providing clients with Advisory Services that will help avoid or mitigate dispute, Litigation, Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution methods such as mediation, conciliation and negotiation.

Our team strives to encourage the use of all alternative disputes resolution (ADR) techniques such as: Negotiation, Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration on all matters, believing that not are disputes needs to be settled by litigation.

Our litigation Lawyers are there to help achieve results in dispute resolutions to the satisfaction of our clients.

Some of our services in the above areas include:

  • Instituting and defending actions
  • Enforcement of judgment and order of the Court.
  • Legal representation for Arbitration
  • Drafting and reviewing of arbitral agreements
  • Negotiating and mediating on behalf of clients

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